Salt Marsh Hogget, celeriac puree, green sauce

Salt marsh hogget is the most flavourful meat you could imagine. A hogget is a lamb that is between one and two years old – at two years it becomes mutton. An aged animal has had time to develop flavour, intensifying the meat giving it depth and complexity. Photo taken by Neil White. Recipe first […]

Clam, leek and pearl barley risotto

Clam leek and pearl barley

March is a month full of potential: signs of spring are everywhere, crocuses are in bloom and the daffs are beginning to swell. The keen forager can even find the odd spring mushroom such as a morel or St George and you can certainly buy them from a good market. St George’s are absolutely scrumptious […]

Cavolo nero and walnut dip

Cavolo nero and walnut dip

First published in the Guardian – Photographs by Elena heatherwick This is a variation on a pesto recipe that I learnt from a close friend of mine. She makes the pesto with Russian kale giving the pesto a brilliant dusty rose colour. Made with cavolo nero this dip is vibrant and beautiful, I find the […]

Oysters: Smoked, Pickled, Ceviche’d

Oysters Smoked Pickled Ceviche’d

My friend Patricia Coplestone, a permaculture farmer in Dorset describes this time of year so well. With the tone of a sorceress she will say “Deepest darkest winter is upon us, the days are short and the weather harsh. I love the depths of winter and the solitude it brings.” Patricia works on the land […]

Borough Market January – Rejuvenating Bone Broth

Rejuvenating Bone Broth

This blog was originally published on All good food starts with the ingredients. In this blog series I’m setting out to illustrate this by finding the best seasonal produce led by Borough Market’s traders. January is the month we are all supposed to become healthy – take up jogging, giving up sugar and alcohol. But […]

Leftover roast potato tortilla

roast potato tortilla

A simple dish, yet so delicious when made with care. A lot of us cook way too much food for christmas, this is a delicious way to use up leftover roasted potatoes and it saves time frying up potatoes from scratch. It makes a delicious brunch. Ingredients – serves 4 as a generous lunch 2 […]