“Biodiversity” The variety of life (from a single-celled organism or plant to a mammal) within a defined location or system, from the whole world to a chosen area of study. E.g. Your gut microbiome is made up of a biodiversity of yeast, bacteria and other critters as is the soil. A particular habitat like a […]

Waste Not… How To Make Your Beetroot Leaves Into a Delicious Dip

How To Make Your Beetroot Leaves Into a Delicious Dip

I’ve written this piece in partnership with Victorinox who have supplied me with the walnut handled knife and the chopping board (pictured) below. As a kid I always kept a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket, now as an adult and professional I use their chef-knives in my home and professional kitchens. Beetroot grows with […]

WWF – One Planet Plate – Roast cauliflower steaks, crispy leaves and hazelnut sauce

Roast cauliflower steaks

WWF’s EARTH HOUR is the biggest movement to protect our planet. Hundreds of millions of people around the planet take part in WWF’s Earth Hour every year. This year, we want to get as many people in the UK to make a promise for the planet as we can #EarthHourUK One Planet Plate is a restaurant movement (created by the Sustainable […]