Brunch chaat with carlin peas and tomatoes

Aloo Chaat

This recipe and introduction is from my new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. I first discovered ‘chaat’ on my travels through India, where it’s served on the streets on palm leaf plates as a delicious snack. This recipe is a take on ‘aloo chaat’. It’s similar to a potato hash, but with lots […]

The best (plant based) carrot cake I’ve had

Carrot cake

Last September, the Spanish-Welsh artist Rafael Pérez Evans dumped about 29 tonnes of carrots on the doorstep of Goldsmiths university as an art piece called Grounding. The installation kickstarted local conversations about waste, including a protest that involved cooking with the carrots and, seeing as the university is just down the road from me, I […]

Chargrilled purple sprouting broccoli and clementines

Chargrilled sprouting broccoli and clementines

This recipe and introduction is from my cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. During early spring when there are fewer seasonal goods to choose from, purple sprouting broccoli is a saving grace. It’s exotic, delicious and versatile – and here, I’ve maximised its flavour by chargrilling it on a barbecue or griddle to give it a […]

Chargrilled asparagus with spring onions, polenta and tapenade

Polenta, asparagus, spring onions, tapenade

I’m sharing this asparagus recipe from my cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet in support of Veg Power a campaign to help kids eat more veg. Our little one Lyra, loves all four of the key vegetables in this dish, asparagus, spring onions, corn (polenta) and olives. If you haven’t already click my cookbook cover […]

Sustainability Spotlight Asparagus

Asparagus ferns

Did you know? The ancient Egyptians loved asparagus and called it a “food of the gods”   Asparagus – April to June   Ready, set, go…. when the asparagus season starts be the first to the shop as you’ve only got six weeks to enjoy this tender and flavoursome aphrodisiac. Steam, boil, stir fry, barbecue, […]