The Long Read: Our Food System

Our Food System

What did you have for dinner last night? Humour me for just a minute and think about the ingredients in that meal. One by one, imagine the journeys those ingredients have taken, from the seed to your plate. Which country was it grown in, how and by whom? How was it transported? Was it bought […]



“Biodiversity” The variety of life (from a single-celled organism or plant to a mammal) within a defined location or system, from the whole world to a chosen area of study. E.g. Your gut microbiome is made up of a biodiversity of yeast, bacteria and other critters as is the soil. A particular habitat like a […]

Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability

“Food Sustainability” A holistic approach to food that considers how our nutrition impacts the world around us from an environmental, social and economic perspective which aims to prevent climate change through protecting biodiversity and Earth’s living systems – including soil, plant, animal, air, water – for our own and future generations, whilst supporting food security, health, […]

Waste Not… Lettuce

Waste Not- Lettuce

Salad is a bit like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. I’m a lover of both, and they even taste good together – when your leaves are a bit wilted, just chop them up and sprinkle over Marmite toast, along with a boiled egg, if you’re feeling hungry. But we waste a […]

Waste Not… Celery

Waste Not Celery

A bushy head of celery with its leaves intact is quite spectacular and almost twice the size of a regular, chopped bunch from a supermarket. The stems tail off into broad, aromatic and savoury leaves that can be used as a herb to add depth to a soup or stew, or chopped up into a […]

Waste Not… Lemons


Lemon rinds add flavour to roasts, make a versatile salty preserve and give summer salads a sharp boost. Good lemons are knobbly, juice-filled and can be eaten whole, like apples – rind, flesh, the lot. But it wasn’t until I visited Sicily that I really understood what a proper lemon tasted like. Stout trees populate […]