​Eating sustainably on a budget; an opportunity for everyone

Given the current climate crisis, many of us are looking to make changes to our lifestyles and follow a more sustainable approach to life. This is particularly the case when it comes to our diets and eating habits. We know that eating sustainably is often perceived to be more expensive, which puts it out of […]

Plants vs. Meat, Where Do You Stand?

Flowers in a field

Here are my links, quotes and notes for Borough Talks: The Meat Debate on Wednesday 16th June. Please excuse any typos. Join the conversation on Instagram @cheftomhunt. Podcast version coming soon.    1617 words. About a 5 min read.   In the late nineties my first chef and mentor Ben Hodges stood me at the […]

Sustainability Spotlight Asparagus

Asparagus ferns

Did you know? The ancient Egyptians loved asparagus and called it a “food of the gods”   Asparagus – April to June   Ready, set, go…. when the asparagus season starts be the first to the shop as you’ve only got six weeks to enjoy this tender and flavoursome aphrodisiac. Steam, boil, stir fry, barbecue, […]

Fairtrade: Growing Women in Coffee

I’M SITTING IN a wooden meeting room at Kabnge’tuny coffee cooperative. It’s in the Kipkelion Hills, in Kericho County, due west of the Rift Valley in Kenya, and Zeddy Chepkemoi – a mother, coffee farmer and teacher – is describing her day. Dressed in a bright red and black polka-dot dress, Zeddy explains to us […]

The Long Read: Our Food System

Our Food System

What did you have for dinner last night? Humour me for just a minute and think about the ingredients in that meal. One by one, imagine the journeys those ingredients have taken, from the seed to your plate. Which country was it grown in, how and by whom? How was it transported? Was it bought […]

Cooking at Dan Barber’s WastED Restaurant

Cooking at Dan Barber’s WastED Restaurant

As I’m sure you are aware we currently waste more than a third of all food we produce. Much of this food is saveable and wasted unnecessarily – not just at every level of the food chain but in our own homes. Dan Barber is a chef from upstate New York – who owns two […]