​Eating sustainably on a budget; an opportunity for everyone

Given the current climate crisis, many of us are looking to make changes to our lifestyles and follow a more sustainable approach to life. This is particularly the case when it comes to our diets and eating habits. We know that eating sustainably is often perceived to be more expensive, which puts it out of […]

Fairtrade: Growing Women in Coffee

I’M SITTING IN a wooden meeting room at Kabnge’tuny coffee cooperative. It’s in the Kipkelion Hills, in Kericho County, due west of the Rift Valley in Kenya, and Zeddy Chepkemoi – a mother, coffee farmer and teacher – is describing her day. Dressed in a bright red and black polka-dot dress, Zeddy explains to us […]

Regenerative Menu Box 3

SOLD OUT To celebrate Mother’s Day and Spring, I’m cooking up a zero waste, plant-based and wheat-free Regenerative Menu Box, using recipes from my cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet. Each dish has been lovingly cooked by myself, so all you need to do is finish, plate up and enjoy! This menu is prepared using […]

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet Out Now

Tom Hunt Book EPPP

‘Read this book and you will find inspiration, guidance and a whole bunch of bright ideas: things we can all do, right now, in order to eat well in the broadest sense.’Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ‘It is refreshing to read a manifesto for food sustainability that starts – and finishes – with pleasure. For Tom Hunt, terms […]

One: Cut down on plastic

Cut down on plastic

In this eight-part series, I describe how to go waste-free in your own home. First up: cutting down on packaging when you shop   WHAT DOES ‘ZERO waste’ mean? Spoiler Alert! There’s no such thing as zero waste – some waste is inevitable and happens at every step of the food chain, from the farm to our forks. That […]